Gastronomic tour

Gastronomic tourism gives the possibility to enjoy features of Greek National cuisine, which is filled with traditions and customs of the local people, the way they are making their's best dishes. Our Tour is made for people who want(s) to paint his own vision of Greece. Ethnic food (and beverage)reveals the mystery of the soul and give us possibility to understand the mentality of other people.

1st Day. Tourist center-Loutraki.

Meeting in at the Athens National Airport. Transfer from Athens to Loutraki.Accomodation in 3* or 4* stars Hotel. During Sightseeing tour, you will be able to see Loutraki, well known for mineral and healing water springs. Dinner at PANORAMA restaurant with magnificent views of the surrounding area. National dishes in combination with red and rose Greek wine.

2nd Day. All about olives.

Breakfast at the hotel. Excursion- All about olives. A trip to the olive groves, factory of storage and packing. In the farm shop you can buy delicatessen: handmade jam,premium extra virgin olive oil, green olives. Everything is made by national Greek recipe. In the end- tasting of delicacies.
Trip to Ancient Corinth- one of the oldest settlements on the territory of Greece.Approaching the history ,customs and traditions of Ancient Greeks. In the local manor house our group will enjoy authentic Greek dinner with drinks made in the village of Corinth(Tsipouro,Ouzo,Rakomelo). Walk inside the village of Ancient Corinth with souvenir shop and museum. In a small central square we will taste Greek Coffee.
Transfer to the hotel. Evening meal in hotel.

3rd Day. The Capital of Greece-Athens.

Breakfast at the hotel. A trip to Athens, the capital of Greece. Excursion to the most famous monuments of Ancient Greece: majestic Acropolis, temple of Zeus, temple of Hephaestus. Walking tour though the narrow streets of districts Monastιraki and Plaka with Greek goods stores.
Dinner in the Greek tavern with a wide choice of traditional Greek dishes made by ancient recipe. During dinner Greek folk dances with local Greeks.
Evening meal at the hotel.

4th Day. Wine tour.

Breakfast at the hotel. A trip to Nemea- home of the Ancient Nemean games. Now Nemea is a small town, with rich vineyards and wines, which are exported worldwide.
In program: familiarity with advanced farming area and visit the wineries. Tour into the wine cellars with wine tasting. Red wines Nemea-Agrioritiko are closely related with greek mythology and history of Greek country. Rose wines are renowned for their aromatic complexity and give an indescribable feeling of euphoria for any wine connoisseur. A white wine is known as easy drinking and is made of fresh varieties of Nemean grapes.
Lunch in a Greek restaurant. Familiarity with national and local dishes of Nemea in a friendly atmosphere with the local people. Learning Greek folk dances experienced by professional choreographers. Tour to Ancient Nemea: the sanctuary of Zeus, sports stadium, museum.Dinner at the hotel.

5th Day. Cooking School.

Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to the local market in the town of Loutraki. Οutdoor Market ,Greek people call it-Laiki, one of the favorite places of tourists and locals. All vegetables, fruits and seafood, are striking in their freshness and price! Professional Greek chef will teach you how to cook simple but delicious Greek dishes. You can get closely to the Greek culinary art. Food you made by yourself will be served for lunch.
Excursion: Lake Vouliagmeni or blue lake, unique creation of nature, formed as a result of tectonic processes. On shore of the lake was found a settlement of 1-2 period of Mycenaean. This area of natural beauty and unusual natural phenomena. You will see one of the oldest active lighthouse of 18th century and ruins of the temple of Hera (8th cent. B.C.) Goddess of Greek mythology.
Dinner at the hotel.

6th Day. Traditional leisure in the village.

Breakfast at the hotel. Walk through the local villages and contact with nature. A unique possibility to get acquainted with agricultural areas, local products and cultural elements and original features of Greece. Lunch at a local tavern with a variety of delicius dishes and drinks of the Peloponnese.
Dinner at the hotel.
Breakfasts, prepared with natural Greek products.
Every morning, fresh juices from fruits and vegetables.
Each participant of our tour will obtain gifts and presents from our organization group.

7th Day. Departure.