Distance from Loutraki – 120km
Travel time – 1h. 40min
Climbing up the mountains on the train – 22km
We will visit one of the historical places of Achaia - Kalavryta, it is known for it’s contribution to the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Turks and for the resistance movement during the Second World War. We will see the grave of Kapi, where was a penalty of many people and the Holocaust 13th of December 1943. In the historical monastery of the Holy Lavra you will see the flag of the revolution and other relics. High in the mountains located is a large cave – Mega Spileon, there is the icon of Mother of God, which has become miraculous. There in the church at the monastery are kept the remains of the treasures – The Gospel, icons and liturgical vessels. Also will surprise you with it’s beauty stalactites, stalagmites, small waterfalls in a cave lake – Spileo Limnon from 15 stages of groundwater bodies. And in Kalavryta is located a very popular ski center.