The place: Ranch, Peloponnese, Greece

110 km from Athens Airport

Summer children's camp in Greece

English program with Lego Robotics

Dates: June 3 – 17

Dates: August 3 – 17

Kid’s educational program for boys and girls 2 in 1. We have combined the English learning program of the University of Canada with the LEGO learning program for building robots from LEGO building set. It’s going to be fun!

  • The children’s camp in Greece is based on the LEGO education program.
  • Using the MINDSTORMS equipment.

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Camp program:

Day 1 

  • Arriving to Athens, Greece.
  • Transfer with a comfortable bus from the airport to the camp (110 km, 2 hours). Getting to know the teaching team while playing. Evening entertainment.

Day 2

  • Morning English classes (see details below).
  • Evening LEGO Robotics workshop (3 hours).To get started we learn basic information on building robots. We aim to work in team, discuss projects and train to build our own LEGO robots.

Day 3 – 6

  • We start each day with English classes. Every evening we practice in building LEGO robots.

Day 7

  • Coach tour to the Fortress of Ancient Corinth and an olive oil manufactory where kids could taste the olive oil and take baths of Helen of Troy.

Day 8 – 11

  • Morning English classes.
  • Constructing LEGO robots in evenings.
  • Starting with the 8th day we switch to the new level of robot constructing. We will put the knowledge to use to build an ideal LEGO robot that will carry out our tasks.

Day 12

  • Day off. Entrainment program at the camp.

Day 13

  • In the morning we will strengthen our English skills and test our knowledge.
  • In the evening we will show our robots to other teams and play together.

Day 14

  • Entrainment program at the camp. Horse-riding, archery, sport games and tournament between teams.

Day 15

  • Bus shuttle from the camp to the Athens Airport.

View children's feedback

I really liked the program at the Ranch. It was an unforgettable 2 weeks, where I learned to build robots from Lego and made many new friends!

Barinova Daria

Participant of the international camp

Cool program, made a lot of new friends and look forward to next year to come back! Thanks a lot!!

Maxim Vasiliev

Participant of the international camp

I liked everything very much, there is a lot of entertainment in the camp and I don’t have to be bored. Especially I like to take care of horses and then ride them. Lego and English are also very interesting, thanks to the teachers!

Anne Baxman

Participant of the international camp

I am very happy that my parents sent me to this camp. I like everything here, especially the fact that I can ride horses as much as I want 🙂

Sevan Anton

Participant of the international camp

The English learning program led by the Canadian teacher

Children’s camp The Ranch in Greece

Детский лагерь в Греции

The English learning program lasts 36 hours, 3 hours a day. Children learn from professional English-speaking teachers 3 hours every day. Each lesson consists of 1 hour grammar training, 1 hour outdoor activity and 1 hour of speaking, stage performances and discussions aimed to improve kids’ English skills.

I stage (2 days)

  • Getting acquainted and leveling children’s English proficiency.
  • Acquaintance with team and teachers while playing. Discussion “Why do we need English?”


II stage (3 days)

  • Grammar learning with special material and through various interactive games
  • Outdoor activities at the camp ‘The Ranch’
  • Group discussions/ “question- answer” game/ stage performances for improving English speaking skills


III stage (3 days)

  • Watching and discussing a movie in English
  • Theater performances


IV stage (2 days)

  • Talks and tests aimed to prove kids’ knowledge hold by a qualified moderator.
  • Last-day party
Without flight

€ 850

*2 weeks



English lessons

Lego Robotics program

Bus shuttle to the sea

Excursion to the Ancient Corinth

With flight

€ 1150

*2 weeks



English lessons

Lego Robotics program

Bus shuttle to the sea

Excursion to the Ancient Corinth

Why LEGO Robotics?

The program is conducted by a teacher from the University of Toronto, Canada. Children are able to play and learn in friendly atmosphere, attend camp events, swim in the sea and enjoy couch tours held in English.