Delphi - Meteora (1 or 2 days)
Distance from Loutraki – 450 km
Travel time – 5h. Sights
Drive through the magnificent modern building - bridge Rio we will go to Delphi, where we will visit legendary temple of Oracle, here performed their rites priests of Apollo, and Pythia foretold the future from God’s own words. We recommend you to wash with water of Castalian spring, which, according to the legend has the effect of rejuvenation. Here is the navel of the earth and ancient statues collected in the archaeological museum. Our next stop is Meteora, which is in the list of 20 the most important objects of world culture classified by UNESCO. Uniqueness of Meteora is combined of natural land scape and the handiwork of man. We will visit six monasteries: Varlaama, St. Stefan, St. Trinity, St. Nicolas, Ruslan’s monastery and monastery of transformation. (preobrazhenie)