Excursions and tours in Greece. What to choose?

When staying at the birthplace of democracy, everybody is eager to learn and to see as many new places as possible and to choose some interesting excursions and tours across Greece. We will help you to manage your time and choose the most interesting destinations for your travel. Vacation should be synonymous with amusement, that’s why in our list of excursions and tours you’ll find but the most wonderful and picturesque places in Greece.

You may choose excursions and tours across Greece from the list below:

Афинский Акрополь

Acropolis of Athens


Athens is the capital of Greece. The city is located in the central part of the country and is the economic, cultural and administrative center of the Attica region.

античный театр в эпидавре

Epidaurus and Nafplion


The Peloponnesian peninsula is known for its history and is famously rich with beautiful landscapes.


Blue Lagoon


Today one can see ruins of the ancient structures here. Everyone who wish may bathe in sky-blue waters off the shrine.




At the foot of lofty mount Parnassus in Greece, between two picturesque cliffs, the Phaedriads, ancient Delphi is located.




This island is situated in the east part of the Peloponnese, not far from Loutraki.


Ancient Olympia


Ancient Olympia is a birthplace of the Olympic games. In the ancient times this location was the important sports and religious center of Greece.


Mycenae and Nafplion


In the course of our excursion, we’ll go to the birthplace of the Mycenaean civilization, one of the most ancient ones in all Greece and in Europe.

Древний Коринф

Ancient Corinth


Ancient Corinth is one of the main sights of the region. It is here that Paul the Apostle has written the Epistle to the Corinthians.

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