*The approximate duration of the excursion is 8 hours.

Athens is the capital of Greece. The city is located in the central part of the country and is the economic, cultural and administrative center of the Attica region. The city’s name derives from the name of an Ancient Greek goddess, Athena, and it is here where fundamentals of the European philosophy, democracy and theatre have been laid.

The first stop is the Acropolis. We will visit the main sight of the capital where you will see for yourself pieces of ancient architecture, learn the history and the purpose of those buildings. The Acropolis is situated as high as 155 meters above sea level and its top offers a sweeping view over the city.

The second stop is the Panathenaic Stadium where in 1896 the first modern Olympic games took place. This all-marble stadium accommodates up to 80000 spectators and the municipal government is fond of arranging sports events here.

The next stop is the Constitution Square in the center of Athens where we’ll see the President’s Palace and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of which changing of the guard ceremony is conducted.

The last stop is Ermou trading area where we’ll be able to walk along the central streets, call in tiny shops and visit trendy shopping centers. Ermou street is about 2 km long with a great number of shops. Here you can buy clothes, shoes, accessories, souvenirs and many other things at affordable prices.

What to take on an excursion?

Comfortable footwear, head gear and sunscreens.

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