*The approximate duration of the excursion is 10 hours.

At the foot of lofty mount Parnassus in Greece, between two picturesque cliffs, the Phaedriads, ancient Delphi is located. Being the center of the whole Hellenic world, this one of the most ancient towns in Greece is famous for the Temple of Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi.

Mysterious Delphi is surrounded by hundreds of myths and legends. Delphi is an outdoor museum. The Temple of Pythian Apollo dating back to VI-IV BC and found in the course of archeological dig in 1892, is justly considered to be the main sight of this ancient town. It is here that Pythia, a prophetess, lived and the ancient Greeks came to hear her prophesies.

In addition to the Temple of Apollo, there are the main altar of the sanctuary, a treasury of the Athenians built to commemorate the victory in the Battle of Salamis, an ancient stadium and an ancient theater of Delphi designed so that spectators could behold the Temple of Apollo and a valley below.

On our way back we’ll stop in Arachova, walk along its cobbled streets and enjoy its beauty. Those who wish may have lunch in one the town’s renowned meat taverns overlooking majestic Parnassus.

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