*The approximate duration of the excursion is 6 hours.

On the way to the blue lagoon, we’ll pass a town of thermal springs, Loutraki. In the ancient times Loutraki was named Thermae – in Ancient Greek it meant “warm waters”. This place was very popular with seamen and travelers..

The first stop is the monastery of Saint Patapios on Geraneia mountain. It is here, in the cave on the monastery’s territory, that the relics of Saint Patapios found by locals 100 years ago are stored. A monastery’s viewpoint offers astonishing view over the Isthmus of Corinth where Loutraki and Corinth are situated.

The next stop is the blue lagoon, or Ireon, as the locals call it. Here, at the extremity of the peninsula, there was a shrine where people worshipped Gera, a protectress of matrimony and family. Today one can see ruins of the ancient structures here. Everyone who wish may bathe in sky-blue waters off the shrine.

On the way back we’ll stop by the blue lagoon. Here we can have lunch in a tavern, play beach volleyball and swim in azure waters of Ireon.

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