Whether you have experience or not the getaway bike we offer will amaze you! Families with children, friends with their friends of all ages, organized groups, schools and clubs are welcome to live with us the experience of the paths we choose, and why not change their lifestyle!

Cycling Tour 1
"Plateau Stymfalias" Attractions: Lake Stymfalia Stymfalias Museum, Arch. Nemea (archaeological sites, museums, ancient stadium) Kleones (Temple of Hercules, ancient quarries), et al. Corinth (archaeological sites, museums, wine routes, wine cellars. Accommodation, food: simple and warm hospitality in the local villages along the route. Shops with everything you need.

Cycling Tour 2
"Velina, Ziria" Attractions: Forest Lake at an altitude of 1500m Ziria, the cave of Hermes. Wild horses. Convent of St. Blasius in Trikala. Accommodation, meals: Trikala and Xylokastro (hotels and restaurants)

Cycling Tour 3
"Arcadia" Attractions: beautiful forest Mena, house-museum Kolokotronis. Cave Rhea. Beautiful village of Arcadia: Valtetsiniko Dimitsana and Stemnitsa. River Canyon, historic monasteries (the Monastery of the Peloponnese). Al. Gortyn. Accommodation, meals: Vitina (hotel, restaurants with traditional cuisine)