We offer unique experiences in many ways
If the adventure and exploration characterize you, is sure that together we will find also the way and the trip! If you want to discover the experience of building your own kayak. If you believe that nature gives us all generously and all beautiful things are the simple things. Contact with us and we have a lot to say. Is enough to love the sea, love participating, and have mood for rare experiences.
The coastal paddling to explore sea caves, the approach from the sea in the secluded beaches with crystal clear water, the sensation of traveling with the kayak, those images will remain in your memory and mood autonomy and independence are some of the characteristics of excursions you can enjoy with us. We organize excursions lasting from one day up to seven days with free camping! The excursions designed whenever appropriate to satisfy any interested whether novice or skilled. You put the mood and we take care of the rest by offering the kayak, the equipment, the guide and suggesting the excursion that suits you!
For the trip we provide the following:
Kayak, paddle, life jacket, spray deck, a map and travel plan. Before each excursion we make a presentation of kayaks and equipment and for novices some briefing about paddling and rescue techniques. To organize an excursion with you, should be interest from 2-8 people. For more people should arrangements to offer everyone equally, the pleasure of the experience. The period of the excursions starts in mid-May and ends in mid-October. Please contact us at least one month before the dates you prefer to plan the trip together as you wish.