Scuba Diving

Initiated into the magical world of Scuba Diving
Surface Diving
For all who love the sea, but are not yet ready for snorkeling, we offer the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world swimming on the surface with a mask and snorkel. Participants are provided with all necessary equipment, outfit: masks and flippers.
Diving for Children
Who says Diving is a hobby only for the "big kids"? Kids over 8 years old can take part in one of the programs PADI, specially designed for children. Our experience in organizing such events ensures the correct choice.
Cave Diving
Live an unforgettable experience of diving in a cave instructor accompany. The unique experience of entering the cave to admire the breathtaking and unique rock formations. This program is targeted to experienced divers (AOW level and above) with the control and peak performance buoyancy.