Athens World Company Sport Games

Location: Athens, Greece

Date: October 6 - 10, 2021

Sport Village Tour

Official host of world corporate games for teams from Russia and CIS countries

The Company Sport’s heart will be beating in Athens uniting companies and people from 5 continents, demonstrating in the process the beneficial effects of company sport, whilst carrying a strong message to the whole world: 

“Company sport is not just a sport event: It’s a need!”


The World Company Sport Games are more than a sporting competition, they are a chance to bring together working people from across the globe demonstrating the virtues of company sport. Open to all levels and abilities and for organisations of all sizes, forms and activities, the Games represent the largest, most inclusive sporting event dedicated to employees. 

A unique platform for promoting your company

Companies and corporations from all over the world will be able to present information about their activities to the participants.

Networking in the style of Olympic games

Participants will have the opportunity to compete at the unique facilities of the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens and at other specially selected athletic venues. 

Strengthening the corporate spirit of the team

Participation in competitions will help to unite and strengthen the corporate spirit of the team. Such an event will be able to diversify working days, improve relationships in the team and add a festive atmosphere.

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Opening ceremony October 6, 2021

45 countries

7.000 atheletes

The Olympic Athletic Center of Athens – OAKA, the Official Sports Venue of the Olympic Games 2004, will proudly host the World Company Sport Games 2021! For the first time in the history of the World Company Games, participants will compete in one of the most prestigious and globally acknowledged sports centers that showcases the best of the Greek Olympic Heritage!

28 Sport Disciplines




Table tennis

Beach Volleyball













Athens Company Run

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